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The Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming Your Next Event

Are you planning a product launch, seminar, or maybe a milestone event? Have you thought of live streaming the same? If not, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity. Live streaming is an extension of video marketing that’s rapidly becoming a preferred channel for most brands. Expanding your reach, it intensifies the engagement factor. But, there can be several important factors to consider before choosing this option. Things might get a little confusing and overwhelming, but don’t get discouraged.

In this guide, we’ll quickly brief you through all the critical aspects of successfully live streaming your next event.

Choose the Right Platform

YouTube Live, and Facebook or Insta Live are commonly used live streaming options. So, for instance, Facebook is more appropriate for unveiling videos with a 90-minute restriction. However, YouTube Live has a more straightforward setup where you can also archive the videos for later use. And, Instagram is generally targeted for younger audiences where videos don’t stick around for more than 24-hours. There are several options to match your needs, so choose wisely.

Video Recording Equipment

To live stream an event directly to Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, set up a single Wi-Fi camera, and connect it via any suitable application. It’s a minimal setup with obvious restrictions like poor quality. If you require higher quality, get a dedicated professional video camera that may be great for prolonged usage. For larger venues, you must have multiple HD cameras accompanied by additional production hardware to capture the footage from various angles and produce engaging content. On an even more advanced level, you might want to get the highest quality viewership, so there are options like 360-degree-cameras, drone shots, or even VR live streaming.


Quality encoders support unlimited camera inputs. For software encoders, you must have at least 8 GB internal memory to stream to a remote audience. For hardware encoders, you directly plug the AV sources to start the stream. So, choose a reliable software or hardware encoder for a more professional stream.

Audio Equipment

If the sound quality is horrible, even the most amazing shots won’t land with your audience. If you plan to use multiple cameras, have an audio mixer to convert those signals to the right format and get it all on one table.

How Can We Help?

Live streaming has become a norm over the past few years. To develop and maintain your existence in the globally-connected and technology-driven societies, it is undoubtedly a valuable move. So, if you want to follow the trend, we are here to help.

Your brand identity matters the most. We, at TOAST, will help your stream align with your vision. Our dedicated team of professionals provides quality production services. With nearly two decades of experience, we have delivered innovative and flawless production solutions. We would love to talk to you about how we can make your live stream a greater success and just like how you’ve dreamt it.

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With the ever-present changes that are actually tangible in our environment as well as some of the world's most famous figures leading the charge against the negative treatment of our ecosystems, it's not shocking that the corporate world has started to take note of how their business practices impact the world. The result? Go-green tactics and methods have become commonplace in many organizations around the globe.

Trade Show Displays Can Also Demonstrate Go-Green Consciousness

This increased awareness of how corporations can have a global effect has entrepreneurs taking note in virtually every aspect of their operations. What's one particular department where eco-conscious tactics can make a significant impact? Marketing! From printouts ordered, to the ink that is used to create any promotional masterpiece, there are more environmentally friendly tactics to employ to keep the corporate carbon footprint as small as possible.

Even marketing conventions have become eco-conscious in recent years. If your business is looking to continue reaping the benefits that trade show exhibits deliver without incurring unnecessary waste and global damage, read on. Understanding some important ways your company can stay green at marketing events can help ensure you exhibit your services and products as well as your environmental consciousness.

How to Go Green at Trade Show Displays and Exhibits?

If you're looking to ensure that your organization remains as focused on environmental impact as possible during every event, try:

  • Decreasing marketing collateral: Previous generations of exhibitors believed that every visitor to their business trade show displays should leave with a heaping handful of brochures and pamphlets. However, most of this material promptly gets tossed, taking up room in a landfill. Rather than coming with truckloads of materials, opt instead to email information to interested visitors after the event.

  • Using recycled paper for brochures: Feel like you just can't show up at conventions without being ready to hand out marketing material? Use recycled paper and soy-based ink on the brochures you have printed up to remain as eco-friendly as possible. Bonus tip: Remember, recycled products can also be used for premium giveaways as well. Tap into sustainable, recycled materials to create a handout emblazoned with your company logo that you'll be proud to give away.
  • Considering your booth or stand: Promotional handouts aren't the only items that can be recycled yet still make a major convention impact. If you're purchasing new trade show displays, or even updating your existing exhibit, partner with a go-green vendor with the capabilities of repurposing existing stands and materials.
  • Checking out your venue: Before the event itself, always contact your exhibiting venue to ensure that they also make the environment a steady focus. Inquire about recycling bins used throughout the event as well as what becomes of the food and other perishable items displayed during the convention. It's the best way to be certain that your business is doing its part and to ensure that you've signed on for an event that is as globally aware as your organization.

Looking to go green at your next convention? Consider these tips to ensure your business is as eco-focused as possible.

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