Video & EPK Production

toast video epk production

TOAST video producers have produced hundreds of videos that playback as content on the screens at our events. Whether it be a finalist awards presentation, a convention kick-off video, or a sponsor loop, we can help you tell your story visually with motion graphics, sound design and even drone photography.

When you want to make sure your message is communicated to the media perfectly, we can create an electronic press kit (EPK) at the event. TOAST will distribute the EPK worldwide overnight, spreading your message to all the major news outlets.

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New York

511 Avenue of the Americas, #34
NY 10011 Ph. 212.688.4040


5870 Melrose Ave, Ste 3, #201
CA 90038 Ph. 310.663.9462


220 Newport Center Dr., #11-140
CA 92660 Ph. 619.350.1856